Our History

Born of a Railroad

The town of Mitchell was established January 1, 1896. The area was named after Robert M. Mitchell, President of the Augusta Southern Railroad. Mitchell was one of many stops on the Augusta Southern Railroad, which ran from Sandersville, GA to Augusta, GA.



With a population of around 200, the town of Mitchell remains small. When you visit Mitchell, you will find yourself among friendly faces. 


Statistically Speaking..

  • Located in Glascock County, Georgia
  • Just under 1.5 square miles in size
  • Coordinates: 33.2199° N, 82.7032° W. 
  • Elevation level of 535'

Record of Robert M. Mitchell in the Civil War 1861-1865

"Col Robert M. Mitchell CSA was a colonel who fought gallantly in all the major conflicts of the Civil War: Bull Run, Manassas, Yorktown, Gettysburg, Fraziers' Farm, and the Battle of Five Forks. 

After the war, Col Mitchell formed the Augusta, Gibson, and Sandersville Railroad Company 

(he was named President of the company in 1883). 

A cross-road community in South Georgia was so happy to have a railroad terminal in their town that they named their town Mitchell, Georgia."

-Donald Mitchell Whitney, Sr.

Great, Great Grandson of Col Robert Miller Mitchell CSA